Melanie Good (vegmum) wrote,
Melanie Good

It's contagious

I resisted this blog trend for a long time, but now my husband just started a livejournal, so I guess I'm jumping on the bandwagon...

I don't know what I have to report except that, after working two days straight on our holiday cards, they are finally done!!!! YAY!!!! My husband wouldn't let me send out solstice cards, and, as an atheist, I couldn't handle "merry christmas," so we chose the generic "happy holidays" greeting as a compromise... My husband is a recovering Christian, too, but he's recovering much more slowly than myself ;)... At least he agrees to teach our children the truth about Santa from day one. I don't believe in lying to my children and betraying their trust just to perpetuate some strange fantasy that a weird man in a red suit brings them presents. Aren't presents more meaningful when they come from someone who knows and loves you (ie. your parents)?

Anyway... what else? oh, I registered for my first semester at University of Pittsburgh. I'm going to be working towards a second bachelor's degree in physics and astronomy. And here's my advice for anyone who's currently working on their first bachelor's and is not so sure they are pursuing the right field: DROP OUT! I've discovered that, if later on you finally realize what field you do want to pursue, you are screwed if you already have one bachelor's degree. No one takes pity on you because you had "your chance" already. Therefore, you qualify for *no* grants, regardless of your income level (you have to take out loans), and if you took any community college courses after your first degree, they will not transfer. So here I am, only using my first degree in a very limited capacity, and already, oh, $15,000 in debt from college loans, and I have to take out more money... I want to eventually go on to grad school, too. If I'd have dropped out after my sophomore year when I really didn't think I wanted to be a music teacher, I could have saved myself 2 years worth of loan money, probably would have been able to tranfer as many credits as I am able to now, and I would have been eligible for grants this time, based on our income, instead of more loans. All told it probably would have saved me upwards of $30,000!

So, again, if you're in school and really not sure if you picked the right field, quit while you're ahead. Work some meaningless job for a few years until you have it figured out. You can always finish what you started or do something totally different and not be penalized for having earned a degree you don't want to do anything with. Who the hell can possibly know what they want to do with their life at 18 when everyone pushes you to hurry yourself into college before you even know who you are? It makes no sense to me. If you really do know what you want, great, but why must everyone conform to the same life pattern?

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